Future Stars Development Grade 3-5

Build An Athletic Base And Foundation

Developing fundamental athletic movement skills is crucial and this program will focus on developing physical literacy through basic movement patterns and techniques related to multi-directional, lateral and linear speed (how to properly use their arms while running, how to pick up their knees, proper way to jump, hop while being able to control their body).

Speed Development Grade 6-8

Learn How to Train

As athletes naturally grow in height, weight, strength and competitiveness. The need for improved joint and muscle integrity is essential for reducing the chance of injury.

14+ Elite Grade 9-12

Train To Dominate

Our programs are designed to develop strength, power, speed, elusiveness and injury prevention.

Overdrive Elite Step by Step Process


1. Try A Class

You'll get feedback from the coach to see what's the best class for you.


2. Get Evaluated

The evaluation will give the athlete an idea of their current performance level and what the next step will be.


3. Choose Program

You will have the option to choose from one on one training, group classes, semi privates or special programs that fit your performance goals and schedule.


4. Measure

Overdrive Elite measures athletes performance and improvements frequently to keep athletes engaged and motivated while working towards their goals.

What To Expect

Character Development

  • Broadened Character Development

Athletic Development

  • Advanced Linear Acceleration Speed Dynamics
  • Advanced Linear Velocity Speed Dynamics
  • Intermediate-Level Plyometrics Training
  • Intermediate-Level Sport-Specific Strength Training
  • Advanced Flexibility Training
  • Advanced Pre-Hab Joint Stability and Mobility Training
  • Increased Force Production
  • Progressive Training To Convert Force Into Power
  • Progressive Training To Increase The Stretch Reflex
  • Mobility and Stretch Training to Increase Joint Range Of Motion For Optimal Force Production And Reduce Risk Of Injury
  • Increase Central Nervous System Activation
  • Core Strength For Optimal Force Transfers